50 Things That Might Kill You


Do you live in constant fear of the cold embrace of death, but shy away from the doctor in favour of Web MD’s overzealous symptom checker? Go a step further with every hypochondriac’s best mate, the 50 Things That Might Kill You card game. 

Bit of a dry cough? Nah, you’ve got asbestosis. Gained a little bit of weight recently? I’m afraid you may have Dercum’s disease. Stomach ache? It’s not indigestion, it’s a cheeky little whipworm rolling around in your guts. And you don’t even want to know what’s wrong if you’re feeling tired. 

There’s only so many times the internet can tell you that you have a boring old brain tumour, after all. Refresh your fruitless worrying with this comprehensive collection of rare, multisyllabic and quite possibly fatal ailments.