About Us

Let us tell you our buttery goodness story...

Partners in business, partners in crime, Jeremy Edwards and Jason Niaura have been working and living in North Hobart for half of their lives. Just like being a superhero, it’s in our blood.

Did you know? Popcorn Street has actually been years in the making. We originally started over 8 years ago as Tusk, and from there Popcorn Street grew. It was pretty much a natural transition. Imagine putting a bag of popcorn in the microwave, once it starts you can’t stop it… it just grows and pops. Buttery Goodness!

From our original beginnings as Tusk, French inspired homewares, and shabby chic was very much on trend. It was a truly different store. As time passed our customers grew, and so did we. The name Popcorn Street came about a few years ago, it began with the nickname we gave the strip in North Hobart, which is full of different colourful personalities, boutiques, food, wine, and then of course the cinema. We believe the new branding and name truly represent us, our quirkiness, and our customers, and we love how much it has been embraced.

We actually began trialling the name via our online store sometime back, and the popularity gave us the confidence to fully launch under the new name during Easter 2018.

If you haven’t already, come in and check out our buttery goodness!

We know you will love it as much as we do.


Jeremy, Jason and the Popcorn team.